To Be Or Not To Be Insecure Return of Issa Rae

BY: TaviaMD

Despite the noise or maybe distraction of Team Lawrence, I have always been Team Issa. I’ve bared through three seasons of beautiful sculpted men, trendy clothes, amazing sex scenes and deep rooted girl talk that is not only relatable but reminiscent of my living room in college when last I held on to my single life. I say that to say whether there was a quarantine or not, I would have been in front of the television with disclaimers amongst my home when Season 4 appeared. Un fact, disregard whatever I thought before this moment because shit just got real. Let’s start with the fact that Issa is sleeping with a real guy. A guy with no abs and no perfectly articulated sentences. Not someone whose corporate with those Banana Republic sweaters and V neck t-shirts. A regular degular, blue collared, rough around the edges, guy who looks like he is working on his credit and he may or may not have air conditioning in his car. Yes!! Finally Insecure has stepped away from the cookie cut, model type that normally cuddles up with the main character. It almost made me stop wondering why Tiffany is still pregnant and where the hell is her husband or when did being a building manager mean you didn’t have a job; How small is LA that Issa can’t escape Lawrence? Despite breaking up with him and being absent from the series for a while, I kept waiting for him to pop up. Kinda like Candyman when you say his name three times. Tiffany needs her ass beat and should thank the Lord she is still pregnant. I guess that answers my initial question. I mean you can’t expect us to believe that you didn’t know ole girl was dating Lawrence. Not telling Issa and allowing her to make the chick her new bff is all the way messed up!! Aside from the excitement of the real man, I almost chocked on my wine when Issa told her mother after the beginning recap that she and Molly were no longer friends. How can the super hero win with her sidekick?? Only time will tell. Especially when your real friends fuck up and hurt you, its worse than what any mate can do to you. That hurt is worse than labor. Worse than any divorce and encompasses the lyrics to every break up song. It’s something not only hard to get over but hard to get through. With the heartache turning to anger and loneliness. With the uncertain demise of Issa and Molly, have we finally come to grips of what it feels like to be INSECURE? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We are in for a ride!