Are you Molly??

BY: TaviaMD

As the season trots along, I can’t help but recognize that Molly appears to be playing catch up with Issa. She immediately becomes offended that Issa opts to take the high rode and continue on being Condola’s friend despite her dating her ex. Molly has been running hot and cold on the guys she’s having fun with when he confesses that he seeing more than just her. She isn’t even honest when he calls because she doesn’t want to let on that she is really into him. Or is she? Because as soon as Isa mentioned dumping TSA bae, her face read distinct regret for trying to hold on to Asian Bae aka Andrew. Its as though she only needed someone because her friend had someone. I mean I know we have all been there. Not wanting to be the third wheel and not wanting to not have someone to talk about during girl talk, good, bad or indifferent. Isn’t that the reason why most single friends and married friends become distant? You can tell by Molly’s sip that she was annoyed Issa missed her call despite knowing she had plans. Is the allure of being a single friend is having that ability to drop everything for each other? I remember when I was dating my then boo and all was well until he popped the question. A girlfriend I was close to began to fade to black not five minutes after the status update settled on my timeline. She no longer returned my calls or visited randomly and I remembered wondering if she was ever really my friend. Although I thought the relationship was worth so much more, it was evident that my newfound happiness brought on a lot of unrecognizable jealousy. I mean didn’t Biggie say “Jealousy and envy comes with the territory”. So again I ask, are you Molly? Cause the way sis is acting is toxic.